About the Nebraska Bird Partnership

Who We Are
The Nebraska Bird Partnership (formerly Nebraska Partnership for All-Bird Conservation) is a super-partnership of more than 100 conservation organizations and agencies that have united to better understand and manage the bird resources of Nebraska. And even more broadly, this group recognizes that birds are the ultimate gateway to managing system health.

Photo courtesy NEBRASKAland Magazine

Prairie Chicken

The partnership recognizes and even embraces the broad differences among members. We understand that if we focus on our parallels and similarities among the various missions of the partners, there is much that can be achieved. The resource will benefit the greatest when we focus on our shared objectives and manage systems for greater health.

In the end, nothing good happens in conservation until something is done to improve the health of the land. The partnership is setting out on a course to never lose sight of this truism. Working together, we believe that we can do more and better things on the landscape. We also believe that we will be more competitive at bringing grants for conservation to Nebraska.

Steering Committee
The Steering Committee is comprised of over 20 individuals representing government agencies, conservation organizations, landowners, private businesses, and universities. This group of dedicated individuals guides the direction of the Partnership.

Volunteer Workgroups
Much of the work of the Partnership is conducted by enthusiastic volunteers from agencies, organizations, and private individuals working together to address issues related to education, tourism, conservation implementation, science, and others. Our workgroups and their memberships are dynamic as priority projects are completed and new initiatives begun.

Over 100 conservation organizations and agencies have committed support to the Partnership.

Our coordinator keeps track of moving parts to ensure that we continue to make progress toward our goals.

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